EHR for Public Health


Commercial EHRs are designed for hospitals and larger health systems, but are chock full of features and capabilities often irrelevant to state, county and local health departments. Chexout has a better way – without the headaches and without the massive costs.

• Chexout configures to collect only the data you need.
• Interoperable with any of your current data systems.
• Fully integrated from patient intake through discharge.
• Scheduling system for providers and patients.
• Manages lab orders/results, prescribing, referrals.
• Dynamic patient communications and patient portal.
• Fully integrated Administrative, Clinical, DIS, Epidemiology and Surveillance functions.

Public Health has its own unique collection and reporting needs. So why should you pay for unnecessary features? Chexout lets you decide what you need and easily configures to your business rules.

It’s time to check out the smart flexibility of Chexout.

Schedule a free demo or consultation with our team of Public Health IT experts to help you envision working smarter, not harder, and free up your time for the most important parts of your mission.

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