Aveva Public Health Software Solutions

About - 2nd Para

Since our founding in 2010, Aveva has worked exclusively with Public Health. We know that reliable, accessible and actional data is the basis for all of what Public Health does.

In short, the Public Health professionals the nation relies on can be most effective when they have the data they need, when they need it.

We know you, we understand you, so everything Aveva does is based on that clear and simple premise.

Aveva modernizes the way Public Health works.

About - Para. 3

Aveva software is a secure, fully integrated, interoperable, end-to-end IT provider, exclusively serving Public Health. The flexible configurability of the software makes us uniquely suited to serve any of the many missions of Public Health.

We’re different.

All program areas of Public Health need a user-friendly interface that can be configured for their unique data collection needs. Aveva doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel for every deployment, we just configure the interface to match your desired workflow. With Aveva, you get the software solution you want, not one that requires you to reconfigure your workflow to fit the software product.

It’s your data, shouldn’t you have easy access? We can stand up a read replica server running parallel to your production environment that gives you real-time access to your data. While you can run analytics in your Aveva interface, you may want to use your own version of SAS, Tableau, etc. Your data, your choice.

No matter what your data collection needs are, Aveva is ready to help. Aveva continuously finds innovative ways to help Public Health meet its many missions.