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Aveva is a secure, cloud-based, fully integrated, interoperable, end-to-end IT solutions provider exclusively serving Public Health. Our highly configurable software serves Clinics, WIC, Immunizations, Population Health, Surveillance, Investigations, Emergency Health, Environmental and other Public Health programs in need of any type of data collection and program management. We put actionable data at your fingertips in real-time.

Aveva is continuously innovating to help Public Health meet its many missions. If you haven’t seen Aveva recently, please contact us for a personalized demo.

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Supporting the Data Modernization Initiative (DMI)

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, the CDC directed Public Health to modernize their data systems, have data available for on-demand use and have full interoperability. Aveva has the tools you need. Just prior to the pandemic, Aveva launched a completely new platform that pulled together the elements necessary for Public Health to modernize their data collection systems.

Public Health answers the call of many different missions. So, the need for a secure, flexible and all-encompassing end-to end solution that can support any departmental requirements is non-negotiable. Today’s systems need to be flexible enough to evolve as data collection conditions and demands change, be interoperable and put data at Public Health professionals’ fingertips on demand in near-real time. Aveva meets that need.

Our platform is rapidly configurable to the needs of any Public Health mission.

Clinic Support

Clinic Support

When it comes to Public Health clinics, Aveva stands alone. Aveva software helps Administrators, Epidemiologists, Nurses, Clinicians, Field Inspectors, Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) with infectious disease prevention, control and management. No matter what the data collection needs are, Aveva is ready to help.

Our broad range of services include dynamic patient engagement and patient portal with secure two-way communications, kiosk or online self-registration and risk assessment, scheduling, Clinical support, automated lab ordering and results, case/investigation management, disease surveillance, automated contact tracing, outbreak detection and management, referrals, eCRs, data management and analytics, data reporting for State and Federal Electronic Disease Surveillance and other related services.

Advanced Patient Engagement and Management

Image of physician texting patient on mobile device

When it comes to managing Patients, Aveva sets the standard. Aveva lets you automate notifications and communications. You keep in touch with patients, without the hassle of making notes, or noting in your calendar.

All communications with patients are automatically logged in the patient’s record.

  • Manage patients across clinics and jurisdictions
  • Automated SMS text and email messaging
  • Patient Portal
  • Secure two-way communications
  • Automated results notifications
  • Automated Patient follow-up reminders
  • Customized post-test counseling
  • Supports all languages

Public Health EHR

Image of clinic employee using software

You asked, we listened. Most Public Health Departments need to collect various levels of electronic health data for their patients and need some form of EHR. Aveva brings you the EHR features your agency needs, but without the costly components meant for hospitals and large medical practices. Commercial EHRs are chock full of features and capabilities often irrelevant to state, county and local health departments.

Aveva has a better way – without the headaches and without the massive costs.

  • Chexout configures to collect only the data you need.
  • Interoperable with any of your current data systems.
  • Manages lab orders/results, prescribing, referrals.
  • Dynamic patient communications and patient portal.
  • Scheduling system for providers and patients.
  • End-to-end automation of patient intake through discharge and follow-up.
  • Fully integrated Administrative, Clinical, DIS, Epidemiology and Surveillance functions.

Public Health has its own unique collection and reporting needs. So why should you pay for unnecessary features? Aveva lets you decide what you need and easily configures to your business rules.

It’s time to check out the smart flexibility of Aveva.

Outbreak Detection & Management

Outbreak Detection & Management

Aveva can help with early detection of outbreaks and support your syndromic surveillance efforts with real-time information and data. Our integrated end-to-end software solution for Public Health consolidates data from Clinics, Investigators, Lab Records and more to help you automatically detect possible outbreaks. Aveva’s custom “Triggers” module, allows users to easily input outbreak and surveillance triggers by creating algorithms using natural language commands.

Aveva is fully interoperable and ready to be your next big step in reaching CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI) goals.

  • Aveva alerts staff when an outbreak is emerging.
  • Collects places, date, time at location and contacts reported by index patients.
  • Automatically creates cluster diagrams.
  • Aggregates data system wide.
  • Visualize outbreaks with heatmaps, line lists, etc.
  • Filter for potentially exposed individuals or outbreak locations. 
  • Ad hoc module for emerging/unknown infections.

Aveva delivers to Public Health the most advanced data integration and disease surveillance tools available.

Dynamic Disease Surveillance,
Analytics & Reporting

Metaphorical image of people walking in city with STD surveillance
  • Investigation management
  • Cluster diagrams
  • Outbreak Management
  • Configurable for all reportable conditions
  • Interoperable with external data analytics/informatics software

DIS Investigations Support

Image of patient receiving text on mobile device

DIS wear many hats and take on many different roles to protect their communities. With Aveva, they get all the technical help they need. Aveva puts a dynamic and fully integrated investigations toolkit at their fingertips, so DIS can work smarter, not harder.

  • Aveva moves DIS to mobile–ready data collection while in the field, using a tablet or laptop.
  • Consolidates all DIS investigative tasks into one secure login.
  • Collects and delivers access to real–time patient data.
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry by pre–populating core patient and lab data within the investigation module. 
  • Allows DIS to individualize their own digital workspace.
  • Automates Cluster Diagrams to help DIS visualize the network of patient contacts to help get patients into
    care faster and speed up investigations.
  • Integrates with all lab and clinic data.
  • Automates outbreak notifications.
  • Configures easily for emerging infection data collection.
  • Interoperable with any State, County, City or LHJ system.

Aveva delivers to DIS and Public Health the most advanced investigation management and disease surveillance tools available.

What kind of data do you need to collect?

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No matter what your Public Health mission is, Aveva can provide the solutions you need. We only work with Public Health, which is why we understand your needs so well. So, please schedule a demo or free consultation with our team of Public Health IT experts to help you envision working smarter, not harder, and free up your time for the most important parts of your mission. 

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  • New Jersey Department of Health

  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health

  • We used Chexout RN at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Kansas City, MO Pridefest. Every patient we tested was electronically signed up and texted to return when their rapid tests were ready. Staff and patients loved it and we had 100% participation. We purchased Chexout DIS for our surveillance and case management. The software is amazing and set up has been quick and painless.

    Lesha Dennis

    Epidemiology Specialist Kansas City Health Department, Kansas City, MO

    Kansas City Health Department

  • Marion County Public Health Department

  • Hawaii State Department of Public Health

  • Sacramento County Public Health

  • Erie County Department of Health

  • Douglas County Healthy Department

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  • Bell Flower Clinic

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  • Norwalk Health Department

  • National Coalition of STD Directors

  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

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