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DIS wear many hats and take on many different roles to protect their communities. With Chexout, they get all the technical help they need. Chexout puts a dynamic and fully integrated investigations toolkit at their fingertips, so DIS can work smarter, not harder.

• Chexout moves DIS to mobile–ready data collection
while in the field, using a tablet or laptop.
• Consolidates all DIS investigative tasks into one
secure login.
• Collects and delivers access to real–time patient data.
• Eliminates duplicate data entry by pre–populating core
patient and lab data within the investigation module.
• Allows DIS to individualize their own digital workspace.
• Automates Cluster Diagrams to help DIS visualize the
network of patient contacts to help get patients into
care faster and speed up investigations.
• Integrates with all lab and clinic data.
• Automates outbreak notifications.
• Configures easily for emerging infection data collection.
• Interoperable with any State, County, City or LHJ system.

Chexout delivers to DIS and Public Health the most advanced investigation management and disease surveillance tools available.

If you would like to learn more about how Chexout is helping Public Health replace their EHR systems, please contact us.

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